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I am in the privileged position to work with the most astonishing design of all times: the human body. The body’s built-in ability and drive to recover and heal is hugely underestimated, and I often stand amazed at the enormous effect that one small change in habit, thought or belief can achieve. Few things make me happier than guiding patients to their true potential, whether regarding a specific movement, a certain activity, or everyday functioning.

I value the worth of continuous learning, and completed a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy from Stellenbosch University, along with several other postgraduate courses. This includes advanced musculoskeletal management, Pilates matwork, chronic pain management, and specialised treatment techniques such as dry needling, spinal manipulation and exercise therapy.

In my spare time, I enjoy running, a good read and spending quality family time.

My role at Optima Rustevrede mostly pertains to assisting patients who require individual physiotherapy management.


082 440 6284 (Cindy)

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