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Embarking on a journey of growth, development and healing in mental health with patients, has always been my passion. Each person I have the privilege of journeying with, has a unique story, unique wounding and a unique tapestry that we need to explore, understand and rework.

As a Clinical Psychologist with a primarily Psycho-dynamic therapeutic focus, my aim is to try to enable you to open the door to your guided journey of treatment, restoration, insight, growth and renewal. Breaking destructive and non-serving emotional patterns in one’s life and gaining insight into what underlies the development thereof, helps one realise how to go about re-architecturing your world. My hope is that through this process, each patient I engage with will learn how to live and have a fuller and more meaningful life.


Having had a four-fold focus in my career that has spanned for the last 27 years has enabled me to specialize in a number of fields within Clinical Psychology, Organizational Change and Development, Academic Research and Wellness Management. A career journey that has taken me to many countries and exposed me to numerous cultures and brought many soulful lessons. Embracing the philosophy of One day… or Day 1 is what drives a lot of my outcome-based focus. Therapy is designed to take you somewhere, not keep you stuck. To move your forward from where you start the journey, to a different, more wholesome place. I look forward to sharing in this with each patient I meet.


Dr Beverley Peens is a Clinical Psychologist with a fourfold-focus in her career. She has, over the last 27 years, specialised in the fields of Clinical Psychology, Organisational Change and Development, Academic Research and Wellbeing. After matriculating in 1989, she completed a Bachelors, Honours, Masters and Ph.D in Clinical Psychology at the University of the Free State. She actively practiced as a Clinical Psychologist in Bloemfontein for 10 years, initially specialising in Child and Adolescent Psychology then moving on to working with Adult patients specialising in Terminal Illness, Pain Management, Depression, Anxiety and Abused women development.


During her time in Bloemfontein she lectured and supervised pre– and post- graduate students extensively within the field, always endeavouring to bring the practitioner‘s voice to the academic field in terms of application and insight into patient needs.


She published a number of articles after completing her Ph.D and continues to maintain a keen interest in the academic world. She worked as a specialist Clinical Psychologist in the UK for a year contributing to a team that worked with looked-after children in the foster care system. From 2000, she became involved in a broad spectrum of transformational initiatives and interventions in a variety of organisations both nationally and internationally specialising in climate study research, transformational stretch initiatives, executive coaching and consulting on sustainable wellness initiatives within organisations. She was recognised with a CEO award in 2008 for her contribution to SSME business in South Africa.


In 2012, she relocated and re-opened her Clinical Private Practice in Pretoria East, where forms part of the specialists working at the Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital in managing and treating patients that present with a broad spectrum of mental health illnesses. She did an additional qualification in Addiction management in 2015 and assists in the treatment of patients who struggle with dual diagnosis issues in addiction. In January 2023, she joined the multi-professional team at Optima Rustenvrede in Stellenbosch and presently swallows between Pretoria and Stellenbosch.


084 698 6807 (Nelea)

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