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I have had the privilege to work in different occupational therapy settings within the mental health sector since 2014.


My experience includes lecturing and supervising occupational therapy students at the University of Pretoria, vocational rehabilitation and functional capacity evaluations, outpatient treatment, and conducting occupational therapy groups at various psychiatric hospitals. I worked at Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital from 2015 to 2018, and during this time, I gained a new understanding and experience in the power of groupwork. I attended various group therapy courses to equip me for my newfound passion.


In 2021, I underwent training to become an OTGrow facilitator. OTGrow is an organisation that provides continuous professional development for occupational therapists and other clinicians in using groupwork as a mode of treatment.

The following courses have contributed to my toolkit as a therapist:

Group therapy training: Advanced groupwork (MSc. module); Experiential group therapy; Projective techniques for groups; Using a psycho-spiritual approach; Psychodrama principles and techniques.

Trained in play therapy principles

DBT for clients suffering from anxiety

Bully busters


B. Occupational Therapy (University of the Free State) and Msc. Occupational Therapy by course work; Occupational Therapy in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders (University of the Witwatersrand).


Occupational therapists view humans as occupational beings. I resonate most with Ann Wilcock’s definition of occupation, she argued that occupations are more than ‘doing,’ it could rather be a ‘synthesis of doing, being and becoming,’ ‘It is through doing that people become what they have the potential to be.’


As a therapist who are passionate about groupwork, I also agree with Martin Buber’s view of humans as ‘relational beings.’ He believed that the relationship shaped the person who participated in it, and not vice versa. The philosophy that underpins my approach to therapy is that we as humans are both occupational and relational beings. These occupational and relational needs often take the back burner when we get busy or overwhelmed.


My passion is to collaborate with clients to nurture these needs again. I love being part of a process where clients experience mastering of tasks, big or small. Where they start enjoying long forgotten activities and passions again. Where their creative spark is reignited. Where they feel like they belong. It is a privilege to be part of this beautiful process where people become who they have the potential to be through engagement in occupations and relating to others.


My husband and I traded the vibrant jacarandas of Pretoria for the beautiful mountains of Stellenbosch in November 2020 when I joined the Optima@RustEnVrede team. I love spending time in nature, discovering new places,and spending quality time with my friends and family. I am proudly South African and feel passionate about cultural diversity and the healing of our country


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