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Our passion is to assist adults, teens, children and families in their processes of growth and healing.

About Optima


Optima@RustenVrede is a private psychiatric clinic on the Helshoogte Road, nestled against mountains in the beautiful Banhoek Valley next to the Hillcrest Berry Farm outside Stellenbosch. It comprises of a child (and parent), adolescent and adult units and is one of the first in-patient settings in South Africa where children with emotional problems can be admitted with a parent, for a therapeutic programme.

Patients are in the care of a multi-disciplinary team comprising psychiatrists, paediatrician, clinical psychologists, neuro-psychologist, occupational therapists, dietician and physiotherapist. The clinic was built especially for its purpose and care has been taken in the ward layout, furnishing and creation of specialised therapeutic spaces in order to create the most conducive environment possible. There are three units, Children’s Ward with 16 beds, Teen Ward with 16 beds and Adult Ward with 16 beds.

We treat a broad spectrum of mental health issues, developmental disorders, and crisis situations, assist in diagnosis, and advise on treatment plan going forward. Patients typically stay for a two-week period, but this could be shorter or longer, depending on need and medical aid benefits.

"Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn't mean you can, should or need to do it alone"

Lisa Olivera

Our Story


Dr Christa Weyers and Dr Fanie Meyer had the dream to have a hospital where children (and parents), adolescents and adults with mental health issues can be admitted to get help from a multi-disciplinary team in a therapeutic environment close to nature.


The process of building the hospital on a farm outside Stellenbosch started in 2016, and the first patients were admitted May 2018.


The practice was established by Drs Fanie Meyer, Dr Christa Weyers, Dr Carin Bester, Dr Vanessa Marais and Ms Naomi Schreuder. We expanded our team through the years and currently we have a multi-disciplinary team with a department, Psychology department and an Occupational therapy department, with supporting team members from Physiotherapy and Dieticians. We also have a consulting Paediatrician on our team. Apart from the in-hospital treatment programmes we also run out patient practices.

“Adopt the pace of nature. 

Her secret is patience.” - Emerson


 We are blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing views, mountains, trees, flowers and people.  



The community on the farm is excited to meet you and your family and are ready to assist with a smile. 



We have 4 dogs and a cat at the hospital so everything gets quite .. hairy and messy sometimes.

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