Occupational Therapy@RustenVrede

Naomi Schreuder has established the group practice, Occupational Therapy@RustenVrede, in the Banhoek Valley
where the mountains form a place of containment.

When life gets overwhelming and you need to stop and catch your breath, we provide support for in- and out-patients.

 We run an intensive group programme for children, teens and adults using a silver cord of self-empowerment involving understanding and discovering oneself through group participation. We have a hands-on approach to provide patients with the tools and skills to take responsibility for their own lives and actions. Our aim is to help you reclaim parts of yourself and enable you to look at all areas of your functioning with more confidence and direction. We use a specialised approach and see patients individually where necessary.

We offer a team of skilled occupational therapists with a broad outlook who aims to facilitate your path towards healing.


I am interested in people and their lives. 

I think everyone needs to play. In the words of Carl Jung: "Wisdom of the Dream Schiller says when a man plays, he is completely man." Stephan Segaller notes, “I think you can only play when you’re really free. You have to be free within.” I believe everyone has their answers within. Clarissa Pinkola Estes says, “Tell the truth about your wound. Hold out for the right medicine. You will recognise it because it makes your life stronger rather than weaker.” 

I have a special interest in psychodrama as it allows one to heal on a cellular level, where the hurt is embedded. I also like images as a tool as they are the language of the subconscious and thus enable us to side-step our mind chatter.

I am particularly interested in using the guidance and wisdom our bodies provide. Marion Woodman advises, “Think with your body. There is an intelligence in there that is clear, focused and impersonal. It knows what goes on in the spaces in between. It is direct, orderly and multi-dimensional.”

I believe laughing out loud is life-giving.


Occupational Therapist