Naomi Schreuder


“The delight a friend feels when he hears a friend’s voice brings all that matters.” - Rumi


I have lived all over South Africa, in the United Kingdom, Botswana and Australia and moved to Somerset West at the end of 2016. I have two grown-up daughters. I love open water swimming and a ”tjoppie” on the fire!


B Occupational Therapy (University of the Free State), Trained Sensory Integration Therapist, Diplomas in Transpersonal Art Therapy and Transpersonal Counselling (Ikon Institute, Australia).


I have been an Occupational Therapist since 1985. I started out working in adult psychiatry at Sterkfontein Hospital in Krugersdorp and then moved to a private paediatric practice, working with children with developmental disorders for the next 31 years. I have had three practices of my own (in the UK, Pretoria and George) and worked in several other established practices over the years. I strongly believe in an inclusive approach and work closely with other team members. I re-entered the mental health field in Australia in 2003 and started my own private practice in mental health at the beginning of 2007. I worked at Frimley’s Children Centre in Camberley in the UK, Kids Therapy Network in Melbourne, Australia and Teens@Care in George.

In July 2014 I presented workshops in Art and Meditation at the Conference in Healing and Social Transformation in Mental Healthcare in South Africa at UCT. From 2003 I ran workshops specifically for women: meditation workshops, personal growth workshops and soul walks in the Karoo. I have done mindfulness training for the staff and patients at Optima in Bloemfontein.

I love life celebrations. Over the past 12 years I’ve performed many sacred wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies and blessing-way-journeys into motherhood. I realised that rituals bring meaning into our lives whether that is a morning cuddle with your child before the day starts, a cup of coffee in the garden or a glass of wine after a long day. Little things matter. I find meaning by connecting to stillness. I have completed a Vision Quest in Australia’s Grampians National Park, another in the mountains behind Simons Town and completed the 10-day Vipashana Silent Retreat in Worcester.


I am interested in people and their lives and how we can live the changes we want practically every day.

I think everyone needs to play. In Carl Jung: Wisdom of the Dream Schiller says when man plays, he is completely man. Stephan Segaller notes, “I think you can only play when you’re really free. You have to be free within.”

I believe everyone has their answers within. Clarissa Pinkola Estes says, “Tell the truth about your wound. Hold out for the right medicine. You will recognise it because it makes your life stronger rather than weaker.” I have a special interest in psychodrama and ritual as it allows one to heal on a cellular level, where the hurt is embedded. I also like images as a tool as they are the language of the subconscious and thus enable us to side-step our mind chatter.

I have a special interest in using the guidance and wisdom our bodies provide. Marion Woodman advises, “Think with your body. There is an intelligence in there that is clear, focused and impersonal. It knows what goes on in the spaces in between. It is direct, orderly and multi-dimensional.”


I believe laughing out loud is life-giving.